NAS Whidbey Island Housing

Getting new PCS orders can be a difficult time with all the challenges that are associated with such a move. From scheduling the movers to find a new home the stress levels are always high. We’re here to help you along the way with your relocation to NAS Whidbey Island. Having completed PCS moves to NAS Whidbey Island, we are the perfect individuals to help you along the way. NAS Whidbey Island housing is unlike any other search. With service members living as far south as Everett and as far north as Bellingham. We’ll break down the housing in each location and the pros and cons of living in those cities. It’s smart to start looking for your new home months before so you can move in right away. Check out our top tips when buying a home here.

Average Home Prices

$ k
Oak Harbor
$ k
$ k
Mount Vernon
$ k
$ k

Living in Oak Harbor

Oak Harbor is the closest city to NAS Whidbey Island and has a range of military services including the NEX and Commissary on the Seaplane base close to downtown Oak Harbor. Buying a home in Oak Harbor can be a wise decision if you are interested in a short commute to and from work. Oak Harbor real estate prices have surged in the past few years due to the influx of military members associated with new squadrons coming aboard. However they have steadied out and are mostly in line with the Washington real estate market which is extremely hot. Rental rates can be high due to limited supply and buying a home in Oak Harbor is usually a cheaper option.


  • Short commute to base
  • MIlitary shopping close by (NEX / Comissary)
  • Easy access to Puget Sound
  • Newly Renovated High School


  • Small town and quality housing is limited
  • Rent can be expensive
  • Limited nightlife on the island
  • Access is limited to one bridge and one ferry

Living in Anacortes

Anacortes is located across deception pass and is roughly 20-30 minutes from downtown to base. The real estate is on the higher range of price for the area and supply has been limited due to the influx of people to the area. Anacortes is the epitome of a small quaint town and is where a lot of military personnel call home. Home to many great beer and wine festivals and a limited number of bars to keep you busy. Rental prices are higher than nearby cities due to it being a more affluent community. Buying a home in anacortes could be a good investment as renting out to military personnel is easily attainable.


  • 20 minute drive to the back gate
  • Good mix of nightlife opportunities
  • Safe and affluent community
  • Easy access to the Puget Sound


  • Small town with limited shopping
  • Expensive to rent
  • Cost of living is higher than U.S. average

Living in Mount Vernon / Burlington

The cities of Mount Vernon and Burlington are situated next to each other and offer many of the amenities that Anacortes and Oak Harbor doesn’t. Shopping is one of these amenities. The cities offer multiple shopping venues including outlets and a mall. In addition a Costco is also located in Burlington. More vibrant nightlife is also available here however it is not on the same level of Bellingham. Buying a house in Mount Vernon is cheaper than the other cities and can offer more bang per dollar spent. Burlington real estate is also cheaper than Oak Harbor and Anacortes and has lower prices than Mount Vernon on average. You will be trading lower housing cost for a longer drive to work. Times range from 35 minutes to 50 minutes depending on which gate is open.


  • Has a Chipotle (it's important)
  • Reasonable housing prices
  • Close to hiking opportunities
  • Good Shopping options


  • Further drive to NAS Whidbey
  • Nightlife still isn’t equal to Bellingham
  • Rent can be higher than expected

Living in Bellingham

NAS Whidbey Island housing wouldn’t be complete without talking about Bellingham. Bellingham is the furthest city to the north that some military members choose. While it is a 50 minute commute to the back gate from downtown Bellingham, Bellingham offer the best nightlife of any city. This is mainly due to Bellingham being home to Western Washington University which has over 16,000 students. WWU helps make Bellingham have a vibrant nightlife that is sure to draw any night owl. Bellingham real estate is priced accordingly and is situated between anacortes and mount vernon pricing. Rentals are normally off the market quickly with many college students occupying them. This can be good for future income potential on your home.


  • Best nightlife in the area with tons of events
  • Housing prices are reasonable
  • Within day vacation range of Vancouver


  • Longest commute
  • College Town
  • High rent due to college students
  • Most rain of all cities discussed

As you can see there are many options when deciding on your NAS Whidbey Island housing location. We are here to help you along the way with any of your needs. We will costumize the search to match your needs. 

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