Why we do what we do is extremely important to us as americans. Our Dream is to make Northwest Veterans Realty a national brand that helps veterans start a new life after leaving the military. We have seen the training that many in the military receive and while it is excellent training for their mission, many times it doesn’t exactly translate to the civilian world. 

Our goal is to take the many skills they learn throughout their military life and extract the best of those for the real estate industry. We can take a veterans with a strong work ethic and will to succeed and transform them into a great real estate professional through our training.


We learned a lot in the military but more importantly we’ve met some of the most amazing people in our country. Men and women who were dedicated to their jobs and spent countless 18 + hour days working. However when seeing man of these individuals leave the military and end up not having all the skills to join the new workforce.

After seeing some of the best men and women I ever worked with hate life outside of the military, we knew what we wanted to do. We knew our passion and previous experience in real estate could benefit so many great people. So we started Northwest Veterans Realty.


Our employees will always come first in our business. While this may seem like it’s a backwards way for a company to start, we see it as the only way for a complany to truely succeed. We focus on keeping our employees happy and loving what they do everyday.

When we focus on our employees loving what they do, they provide the best service to our customers. Our focus on our employess trickles down to our customers and the quality of service that is provided is unmatched in our industry. We love our employees and our employees love our customers.


In our industry, many companies are all about the individual. Every man and woman for themselves. We built this company to function as a community rather than as individuals. We consider ourself apart of a commmunity, each person willing to sacrafice and help each other at a moments notice.

This helps us provide the best service possible to you our customer. By everyone willing to lend a hand and help with a task no matter how mundane it may be, we can surpass all your expectations. We aren’t just a company, we are a strong community.

Committed to serving you