Top 7 Tips For Finding A Real Estate Agent

Finding a real estate agent can be an overwhelming process. There are so many options and many times this causes people to just randomly pick a broker to get the process started.

We’ll look at 7 of the best tips to employ when searching for a real estate broker. Follow these tips for a less stressful buying or selling process.

This tip is one of the most important aspects when looking for a real estate agent. You don’t want to hire a broker who isn’t engaged in the community. Check their website and see if they have any articles about the community. If they don’t, keep looking and find one that does.

2. Ask The Real Estate Agent For A Strategy

Put the Realtor on the defensive and have them give you a plan on how they will attack the situation. Whether you are a buying or selling client, they should be able to give you local real estate strategies. If they give broad examples, it’s time to go back and interview more real estate agents.

3. Don’t Be Afraid To Switch Real Estate Brokers

If you don’t feel comfortable with how your real estate agent is handling your situation, fire them and find a new broker. This can be tricky if you signed a contract with the real estate broker but I always suggest never signing an agreement when buying a home. Any broker who requires a buying agreement, isn’t worth their salt in our humble opinion. Selling is a unique situation where almost every agent will require you to sign a listing agreement. So make sure to follow all these tips when finding a real estate listing agent.

4. Look For A Competent Real Estate Listing Agent

Make the real estate agent give you a listing presentation and feel free to jump in when you don’t understand something. Many agents try to push through the listing presentation fast and get you to sign an agreement right away. Don’t get caught in the moment. A key thing to look for is the strategy for selling the home and look for them to give you a price range for the house. A high and low market price is what a competent broker should give you. A real estate broker that gives you a single prices shows they are unrealistic or an inexperienced agent.

5. Find A Real Estate Broker Who Engages You

Real estate agents are notorious for being all about the data. Looking at the previous listings and the county records for a lot of the information. While this is smart and a must, they also need to engage the clients and find out what drew them to the house in the first place. These are all important pieces of information that can lead to a quicker sale when marketing the house. When buying a house, this is also a key aspect. We always try to really understand our clients needs by asking questions that they probably haven’t even thought of. That’s how you truly find your dream home.

6. Break Through The Fluff Of Real Estate Agents

Real estate Brokers are well-known for adding as much fluff as they can to impress the clients. Fancy Cars and suits are big ones. We don’t wear fancy suits because that’s not who we are. We are normal people just like you. When it comes to their strategy, avoid agents who talk about running multiple open house (doesn’t work but sounds like they are committed right). Open houses are really more for the real estate broker as it’s a way to get them more clients. The majority of houses are sold via the mls and other agents taking their clients to the house privately. When finding a buying agent avoid ones that talk about going to open houses, look for the ones telling you they are going to send you listings for you to look at and see which ones you want to see. Then they’ll set up a private showing where it’s just you and the agent.

7. Ask Questions

Don’t get nervous and forget to ask questions. Their shouldn’t be a time limit on how long you have to ask questions before hiring an agent. Take your time and make sure you ask everything you need to, to feel 100% comfortable with the agent. Remeber this is truly an interview, they are the ones in the hot seat not you. If you dont feel comfortable at the end of the meeting don’t hire them. If you have any questions at all please feel free to email us or message us on facebook.

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